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Recognizing our own sinfulness we fast and open ourselves to God’s healing love. Prayers for you to St Clare. Q: Does the Order have a certain habit you wear today? Have you ever heard about Carmelite Nuns before? She is the beloved model of that humble listening that makes a “yes” to God possible, the fruitful dwelling place of the Word. What do Carmelite nuns do? { In Sioux City, Iowa, Sister Marie Therese ( has discovered the reality that prayer imperceptibly and gradually helps transform the one who lives it. If we use our intellect to full advantage and do not remain hanging back at the mere surface of things, then we shall ascend from the finite to the Infinite… If we seek this, we shall find it. We invite you to browse through the site to get a feeling for our way of life. Fear not, though. Men join because they want to live and work with these guys. Carmelites are called to focus their love and energy on developing relationships with anyone we might meet (this is the vow of chastity); We do not own anything. for (var i=1; i

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