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Database Favorites; Achievements; Characters; Exp; Item ... 955 Worm_Peelings. Weight: 1. Experience Ragnarok Online in a familiar, yet entirely unique way. Worm Peeling 100%: 910: Garlet 100%: 528: Monster's Feed 100%: 507: Red Herb 100%: 928: Insect Feeler 100%: 623: Earthworm the Dude 8.8%: 4027: Kukre Card 0.99%: Monster Skills for “Kukre” Name Level State Rate Cast Time Delay Cancelable Target Condition Value; Kukre@NPC_EMOTION: 1: Loot: 2000%: 0s: 5000s: Yes: … Insect Peeling - Skin shedded from an insect. Sell price 19 zeny: Weight: 1: Type: Etc. Experience Ragnarok Online in a familiar, yet entirely unique way. Mane. Set 5: Bill of Birds x 3 Skel-bone x 5 Green Herb x 3. Set 4: Venom Canine x 3 Red Herb x 5 Animal Skin x 3. Worm Peeling x 9 Shell x 9 Yellow Herb x 9. Worm Peeling x9 Shell x9 Yellow Herb x9: Dokebi Horn x3 Piece of Egg Shell x3 Fluff x10: Venom Canine x3 Red Herb x5 Animal Skin x3: Set 5 Set 6 Set 7; Bill of Birds x3 Skel-bone x5 Green Herb x3: Tooth of Bat x3 Sticky Mucus x1 Bear's Footskin x1: Porcupine Quill x2 Yoyo Tail x1 Acorn x1 Join the conversation. ... Mission : Collect 35 Worm Peeling, 30 Garlet, 15 Star Dust; Reward : 2.400 Base EXP, 2.250 Job Exp; Level 30-45. Mapas de respawn. Much thanks guys. News. PROLOGUE Long before the birth of light there was darkness, and from that darkness came the Dark Elves. Bug Reports/Suggestions: Discord Processing Time: 0.003 sec Skin shedded from an insect. Stay how many hours you want. After you … Announcements Events Patch Notes. Make an account and play for free today! Ragnarok Universe : Masterpiece now offering new style of playing Ragnarok Online.
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